Elinord ~ Uruguay,
South America

Uruguay may be pint-sized, but it's certainly big-hearted where attractions are concerned. It boasts one of South America's most interesting capitals, charming colonial towns, the hilly interior - true gaucho (cowboy) country - and a cluster of internationally renowned beach resorts.*

U.S.-Uruguayan relations traditionally have been based on a common outlook and emphasis on democratic ideals. In 2002, Uruguay and the U.S. created a Joint Commission on Trade and Investment (JCTI) to exchange ideas on a variety of economic topics. In March 2003, the JCTI identified six areas of concentration until the eventual signing of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA): customs issues, intellectual property protection, investment, labor, environment, and trade in goods. In late 2004, Uruguay and the U.S. signed an Open Skies Agreement, which was ratified in May 2006. In November 2005, they signed a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT), which entered into force on November 1, 2006. A Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) is expected to be signed in early 2007. More than 80 U.S.-owned companies operate in Uruguay, and many more market U.S. goods and services.**




Elinord Logo
Elinord factoryDouglas Stephen Plastics, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of a production facility in Montevideo, Uruguay.

This facility, incorporated under the laws of Uruguay and named Elinord, SA, began production in February 2007. Elinord is thermoforming, injection-molding and extruding, utilizing materials like PS, OPS, HIPS, PET and PP. Additionally, we are using internally 100% of the scrap produced by the manufacturing operations.


Elinord Factory Workers


Elinord has assembled a talented team of engineering graduates who have taken a hands on approach to production, software development, equipment development and product development. Customers of DSP will be the direct beneficiaries of Elinord’s enthusiasm, dedication and solid work effort.